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Senior Center

These are some of the wonderful senior dogs and cats available for adoption at the Humane Society of New York. Click on the name to view a bigger image.

If you are interested in adopting one of our senior animals, you will need to start the process by submitting a completed application.

Adoptable Seniors

Teuscher the Shih Tzu available for adoption


Teuscher (born 10/13/2009) is a male Shih Tzu, who is housebroken and loves playing with the many toys in his toy box. Named after the famous Swiss chocolates, Teuscher is very smart and needs to be in a home that has Shih Tzu experience and will understand the nuances of the breed. A true poser, Teuscher has beautiful hair that grows, so he must be brushed daily and groomed regularly. Teuscher is bowlegged, and consequently we limit his activity so that he doesn’t overdo it and we avoid letting him climb stairs.

Bella the black and white cat for adoption


Bella (born: 6/23/2011) is an affectionate, funny, black and white kitty. Bella enjoys playing with her toys, scratching on her scratch pad, running around the cat tree, a good brushing and most of all, being petted! Bella was adopted as a kitten, but returned during Covid because her owner could not take care of her anymore. Bella has hyperthyroidism and needs to take a pill twice daily to keep her thyroid regulated. We place her pill in a treat and she takes her medication easily! Because Bella wants all of your attention, we are looking for an only cat home.

Jerry the cat walks on the office desk.


Jerry (born 4/1/2020) is very affectionate and sweet cat who weighs 14 pounds. We all say, that to know Jerry is to LOVE Jerry, he just wants to be next to you. We call Jerry "The Mayor" because he is always ready for action and up to meeting anyone new! Jerry is very particular about his litter and his litter box. He wants it to be clean, so you will need to have more than one litter box and keep them clean and all will be well! Jerry also needs to be on a special wet food, CD by Hill’s Science Diet, which he loves.

Ricardo the white and brown tabby cat for adoption


Born 04-16-13. Ricardo is a very sweet boy who wants to be wherever you are. He simply needs an experienced cat person who can allow him his process to feel safe. Once he feels comfortable he will love to play and is especially fond of balls and other cat toys.

Halo the large brindle mastiff mix for adoption


Halo (born: 4/5/2014) is 75 pound, Mastiff mix who is housebroken. Halo is interested in everything and loves all the attention that everyone can give her. She enjoys her treats and knows how to sit and give you her paw, but most of all she loves hanging out, being petted and she really enjoys a good belly rub!

Calypso the grey and white cat for adoption


Calypso (both 10/28/2010) - Calypso had to be re-homed when her previous owner became ill. She is a very sweet cat who likes to sit beside you, scratch on her scratch pad and play with her toys. Though Calypso only has one eye, she is otherwise healthy.

Jasmine the brown and white corgi mix for adoption


Jasmine (born: 3/20/2012) is 10 years old and 22 pounds. We were told that her parents were a Collie and a Chihuahua, but we think she looks like a Corgi / Sheltie mix. We call Jasmine the Elizabeth Taylor of dogs, because she is like a glamorous, iconic, movie star – very discerning about who she makes friends with. If you are gentle and let her warm up to you, you will pass the test and Jasmine will absolutely adore you! Jasmine loves to be admired, brushed, being with you, she enjoys her walks and is housebroken.

Lila the brown and black chihuahua terrier mix



Lila is full of personality - smart, food motivated, loves to play fetch and really enjoys playing with the toys in her toy box! Though Lila loves a treat and to be petted, she is not a cuddler, Lila is a dog that prefers to snuggle up next to you on her own terms. Lila does need to be on a special diet so that she does not form crystals in her urine and she is doing great!

Lola and Mimi the Chihuahuas for adoption - Adopted!

Lola and Mimi


Lola and Mimi love to hang out together. It would be great if we could find this funny, sweet senior citizen couple a home together where they could live out their last few years. Lola is a white and black Chihuahua who is 14 years old and weighs 3 pounds. Mimi is a black, brown and white Chihuahua who is 13 years old and weighs 4 pounds.

Thumbelina the tortoiseshell polydactyl cat sits in the adoption center - Adopted!



Thumbelina is a female tortoiseshell and is polydactyl. She has six toes on each paw...a trait some people consider lucky. Maybe you'll be the lucky one to adopt her? She's kind of shy, choosing her friends carefully, and would like to be a one and only cat. Her greatest pleasure is sitting by a window and enjoying the view.

Roger the white fluffy dog sitting in park on blanket


In Loving Memory 2007-2018

We, at the Humane Society of New York, mourn the passing of our canine ambassador, treat-tester, and dearest companion, Roger. He resided at the Society due to medical needs that required constant monitoring. Through it all, Roger was comfortable, loving, and a lot of fun.

He visited the elderly, entertained children, and charmed everyone at first glance. Roger loved to walk, especially with our Board Member and his friend, Millie, and volunteers couldn’t get over how he smiled for the cameras. He just had a way of making everyone feel special.

Please consider making donation to honor Roger or another pet, your gift will offer a new beginning to animals in need of medical care or those waiting for a new home.