Images of cats and dogs with the text The Humane Society of New York Since 1904

Groomers and Trainers

  • A. 2718/S. 5341 also S. 4663 Requires animal groomers to be licensed and includes provisions for animal care, record-keeping, training, and inspections.

  • A. 2826 Requires the Agriculture and Markets Commissioner to establish licensing and educational standards for dog trainers.

Contact Your Representatives

To help take action on any of these or other animal protection bills pending before the NYS Legislature, use the methods below to reach lawmakers.

  1. Your Assembly member and New York State Senator

    If you do not know their names or contact information, go to  and If you provide your address, you can get this information. In your communication, mention that you are a constituent and include your address.

  2. Senate and Assembly Leadership

    Name: Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Majority Leader
    Phone: (518)455-2585
    Fax: (518)426-6811;
    Address: Room 907, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12247

    Name: Carl E. Heastie, Assembly Speaker
    Phone: (518)455-3791
    Fax: (518)455-4812
    Address: Room 932, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248