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  • A. 39/S. 5309 Provides that orders of protection may also grant victim of domestic violence exclusive custody of animals.

  • A. 41 Establishes animals as sentient beings.

  • A. 54/S. 6315 Restricts tethering of dogs.

  • A. 71 Creates task force to study animal protection laws and to make recommendations to modernize them.

  • A. 111/S. 1659 Provides that a court may order the appointment of an advocate to represent the interests of an animal in a criminal proceeding regarding the welfare of an animal victim.

  • A.158 and S. 5325 Increases penalties for aggravated cruelty to animals (Tucker’s Law).

  • A. 390/S. 299 Increases penalties for animal fighting and aggravated cruelty to animals and requires psychiatric evaluation of defendants convicted of aggravated cruelty.

  • A. 394 Increases potential term of imprisonment for felony aggravated cruelty to animals if done in the presence of a child.

  • A. 399 Establishes a database to include persons convicted of mistreating animals.

  • A. 433/S. 294 Prohibits a person convicted of aggravated cruelty to animals from owning or possessing a companion animal unless authorized by court order after psychiatric or psychological testing demonstrates that such person is capable of caring for an animal in a humane manner.

  • A. 444 Criminalizes taking a child to an animal fighting exhibition.

  • A. 483 Makes it a felony to intentionally injure or kill an animal with no justifiable purpose in order to threaten, intimidate or harass a family or household member. Penalty is increased if done in the presence of a minor.

  • A.768-A/S.460-A Expands felony aggravated animal cruelty law by making it applicable to wildlife. Currently this law only applies to companion animals (while cruelty to wildlife is only a misdemeanor).

  • A. 766/S. 761 Removes requirement that an animal must suffer serious physical injuries in order for the animal abuser to be convicted of felony aggravated cruelty to animals.

  • A.1148-A/S.3431-A Increases penalties for animal fighting.

  • A. 1196/S. 1182 Provides SPCA officers with access to the live scan fingerprinting system or similar technology to independently effectuate arrests.

  • A. 1225 Provides that persons convicted of violating animal fighting and animal cruelty laws may be prohibited from owning, harboring, possessing, adopting, fostering or exercising control over a companion animal for a period of time set by the court but not less than five years.

  • A. 1430 Makes felony aggravated cruelty to animals done in the presence of a child a class D felony.

  • A. 1507 Provides that the court must require a mental health evaluation when a person is convicted of animal fighting or aggravated cruelty to animals.

  • A. 1639 Requires the district attorney in each county to appoint at least one assistant district attorney to oversee the prosecution of animal crimes.

  • A. 1650 Expands felony aggravated cruelty to animals law to include persons who have been convicted of misdemeanor cruelty to animals more than once in a five year period.

  • A. 1865 Adds sexual contact with an animal to the animal cruelty laws and prohibits people convicted of this crime from having an animal.

  • A. 3840/S. 4279 Provides for increased penalties and language changes to animal cruelty laws and transfers many of these laws from the Agriculture and Markets Law to the Penal Law.

  • A. 3908/S. 5947 Provides that persons charged with filing reports of suspected child abuse shall report suspected animal abuse that they see during their official duties.

  • A. 4246 Includes animal cruelty offenses as eligible for pretrial detention and bail.

  • A. 4553/S. 1561 Establishes the crime of aggravated neglect of companion animals.

  • A. 5160/S. 4115 Expands application of felony animal cruelty law to make it applicable to people who have more than one conviction of misdemeanor animal cruelty in ten years.

  • A. 5165 Expands sheltering requirements for dogs outside.

  • A. 5177/S. 3075 Expands definition of aggravated cruelty to animals to include reckless conduct which causes serious physical harm or death to an animal.

  • A. 5179/S. 4602 Expands felony aggravated animal cruelty law to be applicable to all animals.

  • A. 5184/S. 3088 Expands definition of aggravated cruelty to animals to include use of a weapon.

  • A. 5192/S. 4105 Increases penalties for causing the death of an animal.

  • A. 5809 Creates statewide animal abuser registry.

  • A. 5820 Authorizes bail for people charged with aggravated cruelty to animals.

  • A. 5847 Includes the theft of dogs and cats within the crime of grand larceny.

  • A. 7084/S.6913 Expands aggravated cruelty to animals law by including physical injuries to animals caused by the use of a deadly weapon.

  • S. 96 Expands definition of aggravated cruelty to animals to include harm to a companion animal during the commission of a felony.

  • S.907 Establishes a registry and requires people convicted of felony animal cruelty or animal fighting to register with the Division of Criminal Justice Services.

  • S. 2183 Includes reckless operation of a motor vehicle resulting in the death or serious injury of a companion animal in the definition of aggravated animal cruelty.

  • S. 7317 Removes requirement that an animal be killed with aggravated cruelty in order to be found guilty of felony cruelty to animals.

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