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Pending New York City Legislation

  • Live Markets: Res 12-2022: Calls on the New York State Legislature to pass A. 3629/S. 3182 which, if enacted, would place a moratorium on the operation of live animal markets where animals are slaughtered for food on site and then sold on site to customers. Also requires the establishment of a task force of experts to study the impact these markets have on public health and safety and the well-being of animals.

    New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Inspection reports that the Humane Society of New York received in response to our Freedom of Information Law requests depict:

    • Inhumane conditions for animals whose basic sanitary and health needs are disregarded and who are not adequately separated from kill rooms
    • Deplorable conditions for employees who work alongside rodent droppings and in filthy, dust laden, and poorly ventilated environments
    • Health risks to consumers who are offered for sale and sold products that are produced in squalid and unsafe conditions, including improperly refrigerated food and food exposed to contaminants
    • Offensive and unhealthy conditions caused to surrounding neighborhoods, including unbearable stench
  • Spay/Neuter: Int. 17-2022 Requires the Department of Finance to include a space on city tax forms to enable taxpayers to make a donation to support spaying and neutering at shelters maintained by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (ACC-Animal Care Centers).

  • Pets in Housing: Int. 19-2022 Expands New York City’s pets in housing waiver law to allow occupants to “replace” pets with pets of the same species. Current law provides that if a tenant keeps an animal openly for three months or more with the knowledge of the premises’ owner or the owner’s agent and the owner does not commence a lawsuit to enforce a no-pet lease clause within that three month period, the no-pet lease clause shall be deemed waived. However, current law has been interpreted to give landlords a three month opportunity to enforce a no-pet lease clause each time a tenant gets an animal. The result has been that tenants who were allowed to have a pet cannot get another pet without facing possible eviction even if their prior “waived in” pet died. This bill states that it applies to occupants who have had a pet in the five years preceding the effective date of this legislation. This bill also makes it clear that the law shall be applicable to condominium owners and tenants, not just to renters and co-ops. Existing law has been held applicable to rentals and co-ops in every NYC county but only to condominiums in certain counties.

  • Shelter Transparency and Accountability: Int. 51-2022 Requires the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to report to the mayor and Council information from shelters under contract with the city including the reasons for euthanizing each animal and efforts the shelter made to release the animal to other humane organizations, including a detailed summary of those efforts, the credentials of those people making euthanasia decisions, and whether at the time of euthanasia there were empty cages at the shelter or other space to set up temporary housing. This legislation also requires the establishment of a task force to develop best practices for animal shelters to promote the welfare of animals housed in shelters.

  • Shelter Transparency and Accountability: Int. 183-2022 Requires the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to publicly issue monthly reports on animal shelters that are in contract with the City of New York, to include statistics on how many animals were received, euthanized, adopted, transferred, sterilized, lost or died. Further requires the report to indicate the length of time each animal was in the full-service shelter before being euthanized and to categorize animals as healthy, treatable or untreatable.

  • Humane Education: Int. 424-2022 Requires the Department of Education to report on implementation of humane education instruction in elementary schools.

  • Carriage Horses: Int. 573-2022 Bans the operation of horse drawn carriages and replaces them with horseless electric carriages.

  • Elephant Protection: Int. 963-2023 Restricts possession of elephants unless each elephant has a habitat of at least 15 acres, has access to topographic features to promote the elephant’s well-being, and is able to forage for food and water throughout the habitat. Also addresses social groupings and bans breeding. Relocation of elephants must be to facilities that meet the above referenced standards.

  • Animals as Sentient Beings: Res. 260-2022 States that the NYC Council recognizes that animals are sentient beings entitled to respect and consideration, protection from abuse, neglect and cruelty, and the maximization of their welfare, and calls upon the New York State Legislature to pass a law similar to an animal sentience law that was enacted in Oregon.

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