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Praise for Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck has been variously described as a brilliant chef, a respected celebrity and a successful businessman; by choosing to take a stand against some of the most egregious abuses in factory farming, Mr. Puck has made a decision that will yield significant benefits to the health of consumers and the environment, as well as farm animals. Among the measures he has enacted at his businesses are bans on foie gras, poultry raised in battery cages, veal raised in veal crates and pork raised in gestation crates. Promising to use only Certified Organic meat products, Mr. Puck can be certain his suppliers did not mix growth hormones and antibiotics into their animal feed.

Due to his influence as a culinary trendsetter and prominent restaurateur, Mr. Puck's actions are sure to resonate throughout the entire restaurant industry. The Humane Society of New York welcomes Mr. Puck's new policies, and we thank him for his leadership in improving animal welfare. Much work remains before America's farms can be considered humane or environmentally responsible, but if others follow Wolfgang Puck's lead, we can look forward to a healthier, more compassionate world for animals and people.

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