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Live Animal Markets

Live animal markets are establishments that have live animals, such as chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits and ducks, and slaughter them on site for sale to consumers. These markets even exist in densely populated areas in New York City.

Pursuant to our Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests, the Humane Society of New York received copies of New York State Agriculture and Markets inspection reports of live animal markets. The reports we received are for inspections as recent as 2020 and as far back as 2006.

Despite the horrific documented grossly unsanitary and inhumane conditions at the markets and the health and welfare risks that these markets pose, they continue to operate year after year. What is particularly alarming is that the same violations are repeated and documented over and over again despite their effects on animals, customers, workers, and communities.

Below is a sampling of complaints from consumers and neighbors of these markets as documented in the Department of Agriculture and Markets Inspection Reports:

Below is a sampling of the inspectors’ findings as documented in their inspection reports:

Section 96-b of the Agriculture and Markets Law prohibits new markets from operating within 1500 feet of residential dwellings. However, this law does not affect the serious problems created by existing markets or prohibit new markets from opening beyond 1500 feet from residences. These establishments are inhumane to animals, pose health and safety problems for consumers and workers, and also deprive their neighbors of the right to live healthfully in their own homes. They are also potentially harmful to all of us. Experts throughout the world have stated their belief that there is a link between COVID-19 and live animal markets.

How To Take Action

New York

Please ask your NYS legislators to support A. 959 and S. 4311 to ban the operation of live animal markets where animals are slaughtered for food and to establish a task force to examine the effects of live animal markets on public health and safety and animal welfare.

A. 959 and S. 4311 are sponsored by Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal and Senator Luis Sepulveda. The Humane Society of New York helped to draft this legislation.

Contact Your Representatives

To help take action on any of these or other animal protection bills pending before the NYS Legislature, use the methods below to reach lawmakers.

  1. Your Assembly member and New York State Senator

    If you do not know their names or contact information, go to  and If you provide your address, you can get this information. In your communication, mention that you are a constituent and include your address.

  2. Senate and Assembly Leadership

    Name: Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Majority Leader
    Phone: (518)455-2585
    Fax: (518)426-6811;
    Address: Room 907, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12247

    Name: Carl E. Heastie, Assembly Speaker
    Phone: (518)455-3791
    Fax: (518)455-4812
    Address: Room 932, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248

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